Anfi and corona virus

+++ 08/13/2020 Second wave in Gran Canaria since the beginning of August +++ After the Spanish region of Galicia, the Canary Islands have also issued an extensive ban on smoking in public. Clubs, discos and other nightspots have to close again. Mask compulsory also outdoors. +++ 08/05/2020 Free travel insurance against Covid-19 +++ The Ministry

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions about Anfi The frequently asked questions (FAQ) category ’bout claims of illegal contracts’ informs you about the lagal status of contracts. The category ‘before you join Anfi’  and ‘after you have joined Anfi’ are taken from the former website of the The Association of European Anfi Members’ Clubs and should be answered

Anfi take over

IFA Hotels (Germany), a chain run by Lopesan, intends to propose at July 2018 to their shareholders the capital increase to 128.7 million euros. This company holds 50 % of Anfi del Mar & Tauro. See (German) business statement The objective is besides other things “the occasional take over of the not hold 50 %

How to leave Anfi

Not just news but important to know: Since 2014 the RDO (Resort development organisation) where Anfi Group is member, publishes the ‘Code of conduct for surrendering timeshare”: “In the event of the death of a joint owner, the surviving owner can surrender their timeshare if they wish and additionally, the beneficiaries of a will are

Anfi status

Business and financial information about Anfi Resort and Anfi Sales are included in the IFA (IFA Hotel & Touristik Aktiengesellschaft AG in Duisburg, Germany) annual report 2016 which is only in German and Spanish language. It can be downloaded from (you have to switch to the language German or Spanish to see the reports)

Anfi member meeting

On Wednesday, 14th June 2017, there was an international member meeting on the Anfi island, restaurant Maroa. The reason was the voting on three resolutions in the upcoming Special General Meeting (SGM), 23th June 2017, to fix the legal problems of contracts following the landmark Supreme Court verdicts in 2015 (in perpetuity contracts) and 2016

Anfi SGM resolutions

There will be a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the clubs Beach, Puerto, and Monte on 23th June 2017. Anfi has send out to the members the voting paper for three resolutions to adapt the current (illegal) rules to the Spanish timeshare laws and to the recent Supreme Court decisions, to give happy owners a

Concession Tauro beach

The concession for Tauro beach given by the local Costas authority to Anfi is questioned by the Court number 3 of San Bartolomé de Tirajana because the former local head of Costas did not follow the preconditions for the 50 years concession. The preconditions included the widening of the existing beach and as a consequence