Anfi and corona virus

+++ 08/13/2020 Second wave in Gran Canaria since the beginning of August +++ After the Spanish region of Galicia, the Canary Islands have also issued an extensive ban on smoking in public. Clubs, discos and other nightspots have to close again. Mask compulsory also outdoors.

+++ 08/05/2020 Free travel insurance against Covid-19 +++ The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Trade of the Government of the Canary Islands has concluded an agreement with AXA Spain on the insurance of all tourists.

+++ 07/31/2020 Anfi is open again +++ The Puerto and Emerald clubs are pending to be opened.

+++ 07/31/2020 Club Puerto and Emerald remain closed +++ Due to missing guests from England and Norway (returnees have to be in quarantine, flights are suspended), the two clubs mentioned are closed for at least 2 more weeks including the pools. The remaining guests will be distributed among the Beach, Monte and Gran clubs.

+++ 07/10/2020 Anfi announcement on measures +++ Anfi explains the measures for your Anfi holiday in accordance with the requirements of the Spanish government in detail.

+++ 07/06/2020 Anfi announcement on Covid-19 +++ Everything is being done to stop the pandemic and ensure a safe stay. Hygiene and masks are mandatory. Community areas, pools, and restaurants are mostly open. For more information: Mandatory hygiene regulations for shops, hotels, restaurants, cultural activities and sporting events, provided that the minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained. As soon as the flight details are available, you can create and fill out the entry form. The form must be sent to the Spanish health authorities 48 hours before departure. For more information, see the AMCD Facebook group.

+++ 06/24/2020 Anfi announcement to compensate for lost weeks +++ Reopening on July 31, 2020 (Friday). Voucher for weeks 11 – 30 until the end of 2022 OR credit of paid operating costs 2020 to operating costs 2021 in the amount of the cost savings.

+++ 06/14/2020 Spain opens its borders on June 21, 2020 +++ According to Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, Spain wants to open its borders to the EU states in the Schengen area on June 21. Only the border with Portugal should remain closed until July 1st. The Balearic Islands will open earlier. The quarantine obligation also falls on June 21.

+++ 08.05.2020 Extension of the emergency +++ The Spanish government has decided to extend the emergency until 23.05.2020. This gives the government the possibility to restrict the easing if the infections increase again.

+++ 04/28/2020 Relaxation of the quarantine rules +++ The Spanish government has announced the national schedule regulating the relaxation of the quarantine rules. The curfew will end in four different phases over the next 8 weeks (May and June). Each phase lasts at least two weeks, which means that Spain will return to normal by the end of June (within the limits of social distance). But there are exceptions: From May 11, hotels in regions with a low infection rate (this may also apply to Gran Canary) can be opened with limited capacity. International flights with tourism are not permitted until autumn according to current government planning.

+++ 22.04.2020 Decision on further extension of the emergency +++ Closure of the hotels until 09.05.2020.

+++ 19.03.2020 Government decided about a state of emergency +++ The Spanish government decided on Thursday to massively close down hotels to stop the expansion of Covid-19. This decision affects 1,807 hotels and apartment complexes in the Canary Islands for a total of 423,125 regulated beds, according to the Canary Statistical Institute (Istac).

+++ 03/15/2020 Anfi is in quarantine +++ Anfi has been in quarantine since March 15, 2020 (Sunday), except Spar supermarket.