Anfi take over


IFA Hotels (Germany), a chain run by Lopesan, intends to propose at July 2018 to their shareholders the capital increase to 128.7 million euros. This company holds 50 % of Anfi del Mar & Tauro.

See (German) business statement

The objective is besides other things “the occasional take over of the not hold 50 % share of the Anfi Group”. That means the aim is to achieve the majority of the control of Anfi del Mar & Tauro, where 50% is in the hands of Santana Cazorla (HSC) who has the majority vote 50 % + 1 vote.

It was already mentioned in the 2017 business report that IFA has with 50 % share not any influence on the financial and business decisions of Anfi. There seems to be with Santana Cazorna (HSC) no way of understanding and who would be blocking the capacity of obtain greater financial performance from the hotel chain owned by the López family.