Anfi member meeting

On Wednesday, 14th June 2017, there was an international member meeting on the Anfi island, restaurant Maroa. The reason was the voting on three resolutions in the upcoming Special General Meeting (SGM), 23th June 2017, to fix the legal problems of contracts following the landmark Supreme Court verdicts in 2015 (in perpetuity contracts) and 2016 (floating week contracts without object as week and apartment), which is a complex theme.

The meeting was initiated by John Meykel (Anfi del Mar Friends, committee member Puerto) together with several other Anfi committee members to give members the chance to discuss it face to face. The discussion is also going on in Facebook Group Anfi del Mar.
Here is the link to the live stream of the meeting: Link

Main aim of the resolutions is to adapt contracts to a 50 year term of the timeshare regime according to the law 42/1998 and 08/2012. These would mean that for Beach, Puerto, and Monte (Gran and Emerald have allready a 50 year term) all contracts would end in the year 2048, week 52. Resolutions 1 provides a free of charge option to prolong for a further 50 year period with a new contract as something of compensation for the previous in perpetuity contracts.

There is much to say about the resolutions and their impact but here is no sufficient room for that. Please watch the live stream video and the Facebook comments.

The European Anfi Clubs suggest their members to vote for resolution 1. This was the main message on the meeting. The main lawyer companies of the claimants (there are hundreds of court cases regarding illegal contracts) have a different view and suggest not to vote at all, or to vote three times with no and to request compensation. These means members are split into a stay in / go out fraction.