Anfi SGM resolutions


There will be a Special General Meeting (SGM) of the clubs Beach, Puerto, and Monte on 23th June 2017. Anfi has send out to the members the voting paper for three resolutions to adapt the current (illegal) rules to the Spanish timeshare laws and to the recent Supreme Court decisions, to give happy owners a legal correct basis to enjoy their using rights further. The members should have trust that all resolutions are legally valid.

The legal context can be found here: Link

Resolution 1 changes only the club constitution (not the timeshare regime) by establishing occupancy periods for a maximum of 50 years duration, with a free of cost ‘option’ to extend further recurring occupancy periods of 50 years. The first period of occupancy of 50 years will terminate at the end of week 52/2048. 75 percent of the ‘votes’ are sufficient.

Resolution 1 is not only the easiest resolution but also the resolution with the most benefit for the members because the option (not to be a must) comes near the indefinite term. With a 50-year term the value of using rights would normally decrease down to zero at the end of the term. With the option this is not the case for members as well as for Sales.

Resolution 2 & 3 change not only the constitution but also the so called timeshare regime in a public deed at the land registry to law 42/1998 respective law 8/2012 and require therefore 80 percent of all ‘timeshare rights’ (very hard to archive) and do not have the option mentioned above.

Resolution 3 would mean that only fixed weeks with week number and apartment number will be allowed changing all floating weeks to fixed weeks which can optionally be exchanged (AVC, RCI).

Anfi is free for any of the resolutions but thinks members may want resolution 1 which has the most of benefit for them.

Anfi Customer Service is ready to anwer all questions of member.

Update 23th June 2017: Resolution 1 was accepted in all three clubs.