Nublo The Anfi Vacation Club (AVC, Anfi’s internal exchange club) is complex and interweaved by various features. It allows to exchange weeks internal to other Anfi clubs or external to RCI. Potential buyers of weeks should therefore know how it works to be able to buy the appropriate contract type. Information about it should be provided by pre-contract information as stated in the Spanish timeshare law.

Membership in AVC is personal, not by weeks. Members are ‘week members’ and ‘point members’. Week members exchange fixed weeks (see fixed weeks) or floating weeks (see floating weeks) of the apartment type they own, point members exchange their weeks to any apartment type or service based on the collected points of their contracts.

Fixed weeks and floating weeks

Fixed weeks and floating weeks in AVC can be exchanged over all four clubs of Anfi del Mar and one club of Anfi Tauro, or deposited to be used in the following year with a fee. The latter is not done automatically and must be done in writing obeying a deadline. The booking chances are the best in clubs with high share of flexible weeks as in Monte, Gran, Emerald, and are the worst in clubs with low share of flexible weeks as in Beach.

Apartments in different clubs / season have different point value. The newer the club the higher the point value in the order Beach (oldest), Puerto, Monte, Gran, and Emerald (newest). ‘Older clubs’ does not necessarily mean lower standards because the clubs have roughly equal standard and are maintained well. An exchange is only possible on the basis of at least the same or less value.

Week members without points should therefore be aware that they can only exchange in the home club (where the week has been bought) and ‘downwards’ to the older clubs which limits the chances to book, but not ‘upwards’. The worst is Beach with only few flexible weeks and no possibility to book ‘upwards’. Point members with assigned point weeks have more exchange possibilities.

Point weeks

Point weeks in AVC increase the flexibility allowing to choose the appropriate apartment type, to exchange outside of Anfi (e.g. RCI), to use external travel offers, or to use any other services. Points of one year can be saved to be used in the following year without a fee. The latter is not done automatically and must be done in writing obeying a deadline.

The value of point weeks depends on apartment type, club, season and is expressed in points. Points are the exchange currency. A higher point value of a week reflects the higher purchase price of newer clubs (better “entrance fee” as in a golf club) but is also a sales argument to be able to book ‘downwards’ and get more, e.g. two weeks at Beach for one week at Emerald in Tauro. Points of one year can be used in the same year, the year before, or saved for the following year.

Prefered weeks

Preferred weeks, costing extra money at buying them, provide additionally priority booking by means of a wider booking window at home booking, but only for the bought apartment type.

Booking window

Various types of flexible weeks have different booking windows counted in month before arrival. Home booking is possible 12 month in advance, booking of weeks in other clubs is possible 10 month in advance. Preferred weeks can be booked 18 month in advance in the home club.

Week Type
Home Club Booking
Internal Exchange
External Exchange
Deposit Next Year
Exchange Services
App Type
fixed week same
fixed week x 10 month 10 month 2 years x same
floating week 12 month same
floating week x 12 month 10 month 2 years x same
point week x 12 month 10 month 2 years x x any
prefered week x 18 month 10 month 2 years x x any


Point weeks are floating weeks based on point value with a wider booking window.

Home club booking means exchange in the club of your week. Internal exchange means exchange in another Anfi club. External exchange means exchange with RCI.

Exchange services means exchange points in services. Apartment type (same or any) is the type you can exchange in.

Privately bought resell weeks

Privately bought floating resell weeks have by club constitution and reservation rules the same rights but members are not allowed to join the AVC with this weeks and as a consequence only home booking is possible.

Transparency of the booking system could be archived by online booking for members as already realised in other business areas as e.g. transportation. Up to now this is not on the list of projects.


Members should refere to the ‘AVC Terms & Conditions’ and to the ‘reservation rules’ published in the member section of the Anfi Group web site. Fees are published new each year.