Joining Anfi



There are some questions that you need to consider before completing an Anfi weeks purchase in any resort, be it fixed, floating or points. The European Association of national Anfi member clubs (Association’s Member Clubs) have suggested lists of questions depending on the type of purchase being considered. You find the questions also on the FAQ page here.

You have to understand that what you buy at Anfi is not a property but a using right. Even if you register this right in the land register it remains a using right. Owner of the club / resort is Anfi Sales S.L. From this point of view the purchase price is not the price for a property but an entrance fee as in a golf club. Marketing and selling of weeks is besides operation of the resort the core of the business model of Anfi Group. Some think that the purchase price is too high but a large portion of it is for marketing, and marketing is not easy. Anfi Sales S.L. pays the maintenance fee for not sold but occupied (rented out) weeks and by this way helps to finance the operation of the resort.

The use of weeks is regulated by the club constitution every club member must agree to and for floating weeks by the reservation rules or the Anfi Vacation Club (AVC, internal exchange company) constitution. Membership of AVC is a personal membership independent of the club membership. Members have to pay a yearly maintenance fee.

Weeks can be rented out to guests who need a guest certificate issued by Anfi Customer Service for a fee.

Buying a using right is by no means an investment. That means you must be prepared that it is very difficult to sell a using right and that you get only a fraction of the purchase price back.

An alternative way to buy a week is to buy them on the resale market from resale companies or directly from owners for a fraction of the Anfi purchase price, see here. Anfi’s page Anfi resale lists the disadvantiges of buying not from them from their point of view.