Signing a contract


NubloThe current Spanish Timeshare law 08/2012 defines the contract as a long-term holiday product for more than one year, the previous law 42/1998 for more than three years.

More about your rights and the laws you find here.

Only what you sign is part of your contract that means the contract with all appendices. Statements made to you verbally or included in a handwritten note by your Anfi Sales representative are not part of your contract and you must be prepared that this statements are ignored. A much used previous sales statement forbidden by law is that your purchase at Anfi is an investment that might increase in value over time.

When you buy fixed weeks (fixed apartment and week) you see what you get. Buying floating weeks you depend on booking and availability.

The Spanish Timeshare laws 42/1998 and 08/2012 follow the EU timeshare directives but have additions and restrictions. The so called timeshare regime (system) is limited to a maximum duration of 50 years starting with the registration of the regime as a public deed with its incription in the land register and completion of the building of the resort. Contracts based on this regime must show the end date.

The buyer has the right to receive full information about the contract in his native language and has 14-day cooling-off period after signing the contract to withdraw from the contract. In this period any deposit directly or over third parties is forbidden. Furthermore the buyer has the right to terminate the contract within 3 month after signing it if the contract does not comply with the law.