Maintenance fee

Maintenance fee

NubloMembers have to pay a yearly maintenance fee to preserve the value of the club with its apartments. 15 % of the overall cost including savings is for the management of the club. About 45 % is for the staff and staff related expensis (cleaning, repair, …), the rest is for operating, external services, and savings which go into the replacement fund. The latter covers extraordinary repairs of high cost, e.g. replacement of furnature and decoration, repair of the swimming pool, and repair of the technical infrastruture.

Anfi Sales pays the maintenance fee for not sold occupied apartments.

The clubs belong to Anfi Resort and make no profit. That means the income covers the expenses and what goes into the replacement fund. That does not mean the same for Anfi because Anfi Sales provides central services to the clubs with the human resources department and customer service department. This is also true for booking of weeks (Anfi Vacation Club, AVC), and issuing of guest certificates. External services are provided by market prices.

The Spanish timeshare law 8/2012 suggests in article 30 that the increase of maintenance fee over the years should follow the Spanish consumer Price Index (CPI) of the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE), unless an other method is choosen. After inflation in the past Spain has entered deflation since 2014 and enters inflation again in 2016.

Experience shows that the fee increases over the years with few years with zero increase. Between 2003 till 2016 the increase was about 36 %. The fee depends of the club and does not much correlate with the point value of apartments in different clubs.