Guest certificates

Guest certificates

NubloGuests need a guest certificate requested by the member and issued by Anfi so that they can be identified at reception to be legitimate guests. Whereas there are good reasons for this some think that the price for this is much overpriced. Anfi Vacation Club members (AVC) pay 25 € per contract wheras non-AVC members pay 50 €.

For children of members as guests the guest certificate is free.

Anfi wants from the member besides full name and postal address also telephone and email of the guest to be able to communicate by electronic means with the guest directly (to send to him the guest certificate, …). If the guest does not want to provide this information the member is made liable or is the contact in case of any issues if Anfi is unable to contact the guest.

At reception besides a copy of credit card the passport of the guest is scanned for the local police in compliance with the Spanish Ministerial Order. All personal information is stored by Anfi on the base of the Personal Data Protection Law till there is no reason to store it further when the guest leaves.

Request of guest certificate

The guest certificate can be requested by letter, fax, phone, or email with the same data as in the ‘holiday planner’ or with the paper form of it. This is also possible online on the member section of the Anfi web site where a requst form can be filled out and send.

Payment of the fee is done by credit card or money transfer. For the latter you have to request the bank details because the bank account is not published and not the same as for the maintenance fee.