Floating weeks


NubloOld contracts with floating weeks
So called ‘floating weeks’ in AVC (Anfi Vacation Club) relate to old, now illegal, contracts without assigned week and apartment number. Nevertheless they are bound like fixed weeks to the inventory (club, week apartment) to avoid overbooking, but cannot be used like fixed weeks. Instead they are in the exchange pool ‘for ever’ and must be booked on a yearly bases. The advantage of floating weeks is flexibility in choosing a week but booking can only be done by availability. This means that by the nature of the system not all booking wishes regarding week / high season or high level of apartment can be satisfied. The booking experience is split, some have no problems at all, others have difficulties.

In the exchange pool are also apartments on low level or with other disadvantages which are hard to sell as fixed weeks where ‘you see what you get’. The flexible system gives Anfi Sales more chances to sell but due to availability members with flexible weeks must eventually take weeks they do not want or one of this undesirable apartments if no acceptable alternative exists.

Floating weeks not in Anfi Vacation Club (AVC) can only be exchanged in the club where the weeks have been bought (‘home club booking’). The booking window is 12 month.

If you have purchased a resale week you have the same rights as original weeks purchased directly from Anfi with the only exception that you cannot join with these weeks the Anfi Vacation Club (AVC, Anfi’s internal exchange club) or use an external exchange company as RCI. With original weeks bought directly from Anfi you can join the AVC (see here) and deposit and book your week on a yearly basis to be free in your time of usage.

Even Anfi denies this, resell week members find it more hard to book compared with members who bought directly from Anfi even if they book as early as possible at the beginning of the booking window.

Transparency of the booking system could be archived by online booking for members as already realised in other business areas as e.g. transportation. Up to now this is not on the list of projects.

New contracts with fixed weeks
Contracts with ‘floating weeks’ are illegal after the decision of the Spanish Supreme Court in spring 2015 and follow up new contracts include only fixed weeks which can optionally be exchanged as described above. So nothing changes from the members view.