Lyng part of Anfi sold to IFA

Anfi heir, Ragnar Lyng, has reportedly managed to sell his half of Anfi del Mar and Tauro. The timeshare operation his father started has been sold to Lopesan’s IFA chain for €41.3 million euros. See Financial statement of IFA: See

Happy owner’s letter

The following text can be found at the Facebook group ‘Anfi del Mar Contract Discussion’: “Many love Anfi and don’t want to sue or sell. However it seems that there are legal problems. Quite a few people are getting money back through legal claims. Those of us who love Anfi and want to stay loyal

Illegality of contracts

Many timeshare contracts in Spain including Anfi are illegal with the possibility to declare such contracts at court null and void to get the purchase payment back. At beginning of 2015 there were two remarkable verdicts of the Supreme Court in Madrid declaring in-perpetuity contracts and floating week contracts without reference to the inventory as