Joining Anfi

There are some questions that you need to consider before completing an Anfi weeks purchase in any resort, be it fixed, floating or points. The European Association of national Anfi member clubs (Association’s Member Clubs) have suggested lists of questions depending on the type of purchase being considered. You find the questions also on the FAQ

Signing a contract

The current Spanish Timeshare law 08/2012 defines the contract as a long-term holiday product for more than one year, the previous law 42/1998 for more than three years. More about your rights and the laws you find here. Only what you sign is part of your contract that means the contract with all appendices. Statements

Ending a contract

By the Spanisch timeshare law resorts have no obligation to buy weeks back. Further more there is no legal possibilty to end a contract other than by breaking it by not paying the maintenance fee. In this case the week is given back to Anfi for nothing and Anfi can sell it again for normal

Illegality of contracts

Many timeshare contracts in Spain including Anfi are illegal with the possibility to declare such contracts at court null and void to get the purchase payment back. At beginning of 2015 there were two remarkable verdicts of the Supreme Court in Madrid declaring in-perpetuity contracts and floating week contracts without reference to the inventory as