Happy owner’s letter

NubloThe following text can be found at the Facebook group ‘Anfi del Mar Contract Discussion’:

“Many love Anfi and don’t want to sue or sell. However it seems that there are legal problems. Quite a few people are getting money back through legal claims. Those of us who love Anfi and want to stay loyal should get something in return as well.

Attached is (with some legal advice) a draft Letter from happy Anfi members you may like to consider sending. You may not agree with everything. That’s fine. Edit it and personalise it. But let’s try and get more of a say in how our resort is run.

Some people think letter writing is a waste of time, that Anfi will always say that we represent a minority, but the larger the minority gets the harder it will be for them to ignore. So, come on, put your natural cynicism aside and let’s see if we can do something great!”

We have to understand that Anfi Group is not a charity organisation but a profit making company. This is OK for members. But because they pay with the purchase price (‘entrance fee’) and yearly maintenance fee for all they should be treated fair. This letter to the CEO of Anfi Group is intended to give the majority of happy members a voice to reform Anfi.